Larios Centre work in progress

The implementation of the renovation project of the Larios Centro is already advanced. The shopping center undergoes a comprehensive reform of its facade and interiors, where Molinza is working to ensure the efficient execution of all stages so that it can be inaugurated this winter. This project is a great responsibility and an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to implement retail interventions, construction and renovation services while always maintaining proximity to customers and the technical team to meet all requirements.

Our reputation is based on a high qualification of the company’s human resources, a quick response capacity and professional management. We have technology and coordination systems that represent a key element of our competitiveness allowing to meet the maximum demands of a work such as that of the Larios Centro, with a great demand in terms of planning, services and procurement.

On this job we are learning that through our experience we have been able to build up strong relationships with the best suppliers of construction technology and materials, as well as a team of experienced professionals of engineers, technical architects and designers, ready to advise and work closely throughout the process of the construction of the shopping centre. We’re moving forward!

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