Larios Centre Opening

Over the last month of December the Larios Centre has celebrated the completion of a comprehensive renovation project for which Molinza Construcción & Retail has contributed to the construction of a new image for its premises in touch with new customers’ needs. 

Molinza has been involved in different areas, including the new catering area, toilets, mall and skylights, new rest areas, stairs, common areas, parking and green walls. We have also had the opportunity to complete the renovation of the Management Offices and the Kuchi & Kuchi restaurant, part of the food court project designed by the architect Marta Banus.

Due to the complexity of the project and having to work with the shopping center open to the public, the priority has always been to meet the deadlines on the site collaborating with a team of professionals to provide solutions with efficiency and seriousness. 

Following the development of the general renovation, we have been able to collaborate with different operators who have placed their trust in us to carry out the refurbishment of their retail units and other interventions such as the Lottery shop and the Keyka store.

This great experience encourages us to continue advancing in the retail sector, making each opportunity a unique project.