Larios Centre

In the heart of Malaga, the Larios Centre recently celebrated the completion of its refurbishment and conversion of the cinemas into a new Food Court. Molinza is proud of  having participated in this great transformation whilst keeping the shopping center open for business. The effort, dedication and care put into the small details have been […]

Kuchi & Kuchi Restaurant

In the central area of the gourmet area is located a new original venue: the Kuchi&Kuchi restaurant designed by Banús Architecture. Consisting of a mixed structure clad with an original corrugated tile, it is surrounded by a large black countertop clad with hydraulic mosaic tiles. On the sitting area the columns are covered with fluted […]

Management Offices

As part of the works undertaken in the Larios Centre revamp, to ensure the smooth operation of the Shopping Centre, the management team instructed Molinza to refurbish their offices in a very tight period whereby a correct procurement and execution planning were key. The new approach focuses on the common workspace, a new reception, the […]

Keyka Shop

Located in the central mall, Keyka is a silver and accessories shop refurbished during the general works of the shopping centre. It is organized around a main counter and a central feature display that optimise the space, furniture, shelves and storage so they are perfectly ordered and integrated. The ceilings are laminated plaster with elegant […]